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The development is shifted to www.openptv.net

Follow most of the new stuff on OpenPTV and OpenPTV/Github

New developments are Cmake that allows you to compile and run 3D-PTV on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and change of Tcl/Tk from (leaking) 8.4 to 8.6. Faster and safer ever.

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Discussion round table on the future of 3D-PTV at TU/e

The Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics group at TU/e initiated a round table discussion

We are going to meet tomorrow at TU/e for the round table discussion regarding the future of the 3D-PTV software project and its new developments that are held by TU/e, Tel Aviv and ETH Zurich, along with the add-on packages (see our website).

  1. The source code base

New add-on to the 3D-PTV project

Old Lorenzo del Castello manual of multi-plane calibration is added for the 3D-PTV community

Lorenzo wrote this nice tutorial for the multi-plane calibration during his Ph.D. at TU/e and was very kind to release for the 3D-PTV users. We just miss his original LaTeX files

  1. The Code

New add-on to the 3D-PTV project

New piece of software is added for the 3D-PTV community

Luca Shindler is very kind to release his two-frame tracking software to the 3D-PTV code

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The New Blog for 3D-PTV project

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The New Blog for 3D-PTV project

Welcome to the 3D-PTV domain. I've revamped the site to bring it up-to-date with what we're working on. I've also migrated the site over to Jekyll (my fork), which I highly recommend for the organization sites.

Big plans, short in time ...